For over 90 years, Carolina has partnered with educators across the globe. We specialize in serving the science needs for the traditional K–12/college classrooms and labs. We do everything right here, from culturing, growing, and collecting specimens to developing and testing our 3-D learning classroom kits.

Our Carolina Kits 3D lab program engages students in scientific and engineering practices while applying core ideas and crosscutting concepts. This phenomena-based program utilizes state and national standards. We have put together bundle packages that make it easy to supply your schools with a comprehensive program for life science, chemistry, physics, and Earth and space science.

Challenges you might be facing and how the Carolina Kits 3D program can meet those challenges:

Designed for 3D Instruction

Each investigation is built from the ground up to engage students in scientific and engineering practices while they apply core ideas and crosscutting concepts.

Multiple Versions Priced for Your Budget

The Carolina Kits 3D program is available in bundles of 4 to 30 labs, suitable for any school or district budget.

Built for Classroom Scale

Each version contains the digital resources and hands-on materials (excluding common classroom items) for a class of 32.

The Carolina Experience

  • Comprehensive lab programs make it easy and cost-effective to plan, buy, and implement
  • Our in-house experts provide quality products and support you can count on

This solid, proven program—developed and tested by teachers—also comes with Carolina’s top-shelf customer service and technical support. Contact us today to build the program that fits your curriculum.