Educator Support

Easy to follow teacher manuals and student support materials. Lab topics and support materials fit teachers of varied experience levels.

Student Achievement

Perfect blend of pre-lab activities, hands-on learning, and interactive digital lessons and simulations. Student artifacts that demonstrate evidence of learning.

Curriculum Alignment

Lab experiences that support thriving with the NGSS and phenomena-based learning. All activities focus on the mastery of performance expectations.
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District Supervisors, Principals, & Curriculum Specialists
High School Teaching

Individual Carolina 3D Kits for Teachers



We offer teachers

We offer teachers

Standards Made Simple

Finally, you can have a three-dimensional lab program correlated with NGSS, NGSS-aligned, and non-NGSS standards—easy to use with any core science textbook (ask us to show you).

Comprehensive Program Support

We are here to assist via phone, email or chat.

Full Access to Carolina Science Online

Get access to our online platform designed to support Carolina's hands-on labs and science curricula, complete with pre- and post-assessment tools, teacher manuals, videos, and lab activities.

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The Carolina Kits 3D® Catalog

The Carolina Kits 3D® Catalog

Check out the newly revised catalog. We call it the “3D primer” because it includes not only kits but sections on “Why 3D Instruction,” correlations to NGSS and non-NGSS state standards, and much more about how your teachers can learn three-dimensional teaching skills.



Jonte’ Lee, DoD Ambassador, Chemistry Teacher

Woodrow Wilson High School, Washington, DC

“Carolina delivers hands-on science, 3D kits and materials that are of the highest quality. During the last three years, I’ve enjoyed using Carolina Kits 3D and my students have responded well during our labs because they are the sense makers, not passively waiting for me.”


Dr. Sharon Sikora, Curriculum Supervisor

Silicon Valley, CA

“Carolina’s 3D program is comprehensive, providing everything a new teacher or an experienced practitioner would want to have. All of the materials are provided and the teacher manuals and digital tools are phenomena-based, helping students engage more fully. I recommend Carolina 3D to schools that are looking for a robust, set of hands-on labs aligned with national and state standards.”